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Spaggregate® is a self-funded employer stop-loss product that can be viewed as a blend of traditional specific/aggregate stop-loss and a fully insured program. It is designed to attain the stability (steadiness of underwriting profit potential) and efficiency (competitiveness to buyer) of the fully insured model, a new concept of self-funded employer stop-loss that might be viewed as a blend of  (competitiveness to buyer) of the fully insured model...


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Traditional Product


Specific: Specific coverage is intended to protect employers on an annual basis, from large claims incurred by a covered participant, either employee or dependent. The insurance carrier will cover any claims above the specific deductible.

Aggregate: Aggregate coverage is intended to protect employers from the frequency of claims across the entire population of covered employees and dependents under the specific deductible. A certain dollar amount is set (attachment point) that determines to what level of claims the employer will fund, any claims which exceed the attachment point will be covered by the carrier.

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Superior Underwriting


TPAC Underwriters, Inc. is a Managing General Underwriting firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In business since 1991, TPAC works to write profitable, creative business with our reinsurers in Traditional Medical Stop-Loss, Spaggregate, and HRA/HSA plans through Third-Party Administrators, fully-funded capitated drug card programs, Life and AD&D products.