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Simplifying the Risk Business

TPAC offers a variety of innovative products and programs to our partners. Our nearly 30 years in business, creative and effective problem solving, commitment to ethics, and “no lasers” approach are just some of the reasons our clients continue to turn to us for their stop loss needs. At TPAC, we only write to A-rated carriers such as Pan American Insurance Group (AM Best A rating). Click on the panel below to learn about each program and see how we have simplified the risk business.

Specific & Aggregate

Our Specific and Aggregate product offers protection from even the most catastrophic situation. Specific stop loss addresses large claims by a single individual while aggregate provides coverage for the entire population of covered participants. With Specific and Aggregate plans from TPAC, you can expect lower premium payments and increased cash flow flexibility. Learn more about stop loss on our Understanding Stop Loss page.



Spaggregate® is the first level-funded, aggregate-only stop loss product in the nation. TPAC developed Spaggregate as a solution for employers seeking to transition from fully insured to self-funded. This self-funded stop loss product delivers the ideal combination of predictability, savings, and control to meet every client’s unique benefits needs. Learn more about level funding and aggregate attachment points on our Understanding Stop Loss page



SmartShare® is TPAC’s combination product, delivering level-funded stop loss with both specific and aggregate attachment points. A group with SmartShare could have an individual experience a large claim and never have to use their total aggregate funding. SmartShare is exactly how it sounds—a smarter way to share risk. Learn more about level funding and specific and aggregate attachment points on our Understanding Stop Loss page.