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TPAC's Philosophy on Working with TPAs

A major reason TPAC Underwriters has been successful is due to the fact that they work with a limited number of TPAs. TPAC's size allows for flexibility with plan designs and with that flexibility comes a higher demand for administrative quality. TPAC Underwriters believes that quality service will be delivered with strong relationships with their TPAs.

TPAC Underwriters has committed to work with one TPA per geographical region. TPAC believes that their TPAs will be able to provide better service if they are not competing for the same business. For new TPAs, TPAC considers only TPAs who have been either personally referred to them by one of their current TPAs, or one who has worked in the past with a member of the TPAC underwriting staff. TPAs TPAC works with have filled out one of the standard industry TPA appointment questionnaires as part of their appointment process.