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TPAC Renewal Process & Philosophy

Renewals are sent to us with a complete request for proposal package (RFP) from the TPA, similar to a new submission. Included in the RFP are a current census, summary plan description, aggregate reports for the last three years if available, large claim listings from the current year and two prior years, pended claims reports and any other pertinent information.

The underwriter conducts an initial review of the quote making sure that all necessary items have been submitted. If not, the underwriter requests additional information.The underwriter gathers all the current large claim information (if there is any) and the claim department will review the current claim situations and suggest reserves for the future charges. The claim department may be familiar with the claims because of notices and reimbursements throughout the year.

Prior to a renewal being released they are reviewed and discussed at a “renewal meeting”. This assures that a renewal is being looked at by more than one or two people. Also, this allows us to have a sound and consistent renewal process. The underwriters come to a verbal agreement on the rates to be quoted.

At renewal, TPAC Underwriters, Inc does not issue initial renewals with lasers. We also limit the renewal increase on the specific rates to no more than a 99% increase with our preferred partners.