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Products and Programs

TPAC is pleased to offer the following Products and Programs to our TPAs. Click on the associated links to learn more detail about each program including our underwriting parameters, claim procedures, premium submission, policy procedures, policy add-ons, and where TPAC is licensed for these products.


Underwriting Guidelines Claim Procedures Premium ProceduresWhere Licensed

Stop Loss is designed to cover major plan liabilities above a specified dollar amount. This type of coverage is intended to protect employers from losses due to catastrophic claims. Specific coverage addresses large claims incurred by a single individual, while Aggregate coverage protects against a high level of claims across the entire population of covered participants. Learn more about TPAC's Specific/Aggregate Stop Loss Coverage.



Underwriting GuidelinesClaim ProceduresApproval Criteria

What is Spaggregate? Spaggregate is the name given to a new concept of self-funded employer stop-loss that might be viewed as a blend of traditional specific/aggregate stop-loss and a fully insured program. It is designed to attain the stability (steadiness of underwriting profit potential) and efficiency (competitiveness to buyer) of the fully insured model, with the flexibility (ERISA based program), creativity (underlying plan design), and profit/premium leverage allowed by the ERISA-based self-funded employer stop-loss model.